Social Media Management Case Study: Section L Instagram

In this social media case study, I will discuss our work for a Japan-based hospitality company. You will learn how we managed to reach over 10k highly-engaged followers in under a year.

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What is Section L?

Section L is a new and exciting hospitality company based in Tokyo, Japan. Their goal is to offer a new kind of hotel experience and revolutionize Japan’s living spaces with hospitality & tech.

In their own words, they are obsessed with the essence of community, and you can see it in everything they do. They go to great lengths to make people feel like they are a part of the neighborhood and to create a community of guests.

And any such community in this day and age must have a strong online component in the form of social media accounts like Instagram.

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Goals of the Project

As many of you know, growing your own account from scratch is a difficult and long process. And maintaining a good engagement rate is even more challenging. Any help you may get in this period can help immensely down the road by creating a solid foundation for your account and boosting long-term growth.

In early 2021, Section L was in such a position, and they were looking for experts to help them with their account. They were looking for a way to reach 10 000 followers and have a high engagement rate that would help them create the community they envisioned.

At that time, Josip and I were the owners of the two largest Japan-related Instagram accounts that we grew organically over a period of 3 years.

These accounts’ excellent performance and authority got us on the first meeting with the Section L team. We were an excellent fit for their project, and we quickly found a common language and presented our ideas. Our road to 10k had begun.

Instagram Post Section L Tokyo Skytree Sakura
Instagram Post Example

Defining the Instagram Strategy for Success

Our early meetings defined the general strategy we would adopt, the milestones we wanted to achieve, the rules we should follow, and each team member’s responsibilities.

They trusted our skills and judgment and left most decisions in our hands. The only specific guidelines they provided were related to the brand image and some types of content they wanted to publish. The rest was up to us.

As with every project, we decided to take a systematic and transparent approach to every aspect of the work. This included creating and curating the content, planning and publishing it, interacting with the community, and communicating with content creators. It was all planned and executed in a way that the team at Section L could easily supervise and intervene if needed.

All of this would have been enough to ensure reliable and consistent growth of the account, but we had one more thing in mind.

A few months before Section L contacted us, we had developed a new system to assist us with growth on Instagram. It was able to identify people who had an interest in any topic we specified and who were also likely to follow and interact with other accounts.

In agreement with Section L, we decided to implement this revolutionary system to increase the growth rate further.

Instagram Management Case Study Database
Our transparent content schedule sheet

How we got to 10K Organic Followers in Less Than 1 Year?

The first step was the creation of a shared folder in Google Drive, which would enable easy sharing of documents and media. It was also where we created one large sheet that will include all data used in the project. Among others, it included content and creators lists, hashtags, and a scheduling sheet that had the dates, media, and copy of every future post.

All this enabled the Section L team to have an overview of our whole process and ensured quick and easy communication.

Once everything was ready, we started posting the content and interacting with the community. We kept up to date with any changes to Instagram’s algorithm and the new features they implemented and adjusted our strategy accordingly.

Instagram Reels with covers example
Custom covers for the reels

One example is the growing popularity of reels on Instagram. We found a way to include them in the current scheduling plan and thus gained the benefits of this relatively new feature. Over the course of the year, we fine-tuned our presentation of the content with better captions, reel covers, and stories.

One more important role we had in the team was contacting influencers who could be potential collab partners and content creators who were open to the idea of sharing their content on our page.

Instagram Profile Section L Results Stats
Look of the account after our project was completed

Final Results

Almost one year later, our goal was achieved. We hit every single milestone on time and achieved organic growth from around 400 followers at the start to over 10 000 and counting.

Using our data-driven, systematic approach, we achieved an average rate of 800 new followers per month while maintaining high engagement.

At the end of our project in late April 2022, the account was getting around 600 likes per post. A significant improvement compared to about 20 likes per post back in April 2021.

During the length of our management, we posted 355 feed posts, including 95 reels, as well as over 400 stories. In addition to that, we handled dozens of promos and giveaways and collaborated with other influencers.

We can conclude that this project was a huge success. We helped Section L to achieve all of its social media goals. They are now well on the path to creating an amazing community.

Instagram Management Case Study Results

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